Poor Ventilation Hazard

The garage is where all sorts of cleaners, oils and whatnot gets accumulated, in addition to your car and all its spare parts and tools. Being usually not a spacious space, and one not easily cleaned, the garage can actually become a lethal place to be in if you have not taken measures to properly ventilate it but you can find that offer a comprehensive service that can help you.

As such, be it when you’re planning out the layout of you garage or when you buy garage doors, always be mindful of the fact that a garage has to be properly ventilated.

Especially in the case of the latter don’t let great garage door prices at Ross Door make you feel stingy and settle for less – your health is of utmost importance after all, and the problems that can arise from a poorly ventilated garage double or even triple if you tend to spend a lot of time in the garage. In general, there are two main problems that arise from poorly ventilated conditions in a garage:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – working with cars in a poorly ventilated garage can lead to the concentration of carbon monoxide within this closed space. Carbon monoxide, as a gas which cannot be detected by the senses, and which only needs to be concentrated in small quantities, is quite the fatal gas. With dizziness and tiredness being the only symptoms to carbon monoxide poisoning (after which you’ll simply collapse), escaping this gas in near impossible in a closed space.
  • The creation of mustard gas (and other potentially harmful gas mixtures) – as mentioned before, the garage tends to be the place where a number of dangerous solvents and liquids tend to accumulate. One potentially harmful gas that can be created from this collection of liquids is mustard gas – the most feared chemical weapon during World War I. Mustard gas is easily created when bleach containing cleaners and those containing hydrochloric acid are left opened in the same space. Furthermore, performing work with paints and varnish, which have volatile solvents in them, inside a closed garage door opener in Melbourne http://www.rossdoor.com.au/garage-doors.html is also another way in which harmful gases can get concentrated in this small space. With poor ventilation, the probability of this happening and the concentration of the noxious gases can quickly increase.
  • Mould and dust – another dangerous creation birthed by poorly ventilated garages (and just about any other space) is mould. Mould is not harmless – but quite the contrary, as it can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases. And furthermore, there is one more culprit that tends to accumulate in these spaces – dust. The collection of dust and performing work which can kick up a lot of dust leads to inhaling harmful particles, which leads to pulmonary diseases.