Things You Have To Consider About When Having A Pool In Your Garden

One of the dreams of every homeowner is to build a pool. From being a majestic showpiece by itself to being the to-go stop during the unrelenting and blistering summer, a pool is definitely a worthy investment that will add to the value of your home. However, there are certain rules you might want to consider in order to make sure that your pool does not detract from the value of your home – for example, by designing a pool with no proper entry accesses or with just the wrong colours or design. Below are some of the most common tips you will find from expert pool designers:

• Do you have kids? – Or more correctly, will you have any children using your pool (be they your children, your relatives’ or just the neighbours’ children)? In that case, you will need to know that kids will most probably use the pool whenever it is sunny. You will have to place your pool somewhere where adult supervision can be easily provided, and you will also need to look into pool fencing methods, such as glass fencing that can give your pool an elegant look.

• Where will the pool be located? – Another aspect you need to focus on is the location of the pool. Most designers recommend selecting the location in a way that it detracts as little space as possible from your garden or backyard, in order to avoid turning your garden into a cramped space. Another aspect you will have to focus on when thinking of the location is whether there are any slopes of the ground. If the ground tends to slope towards or away from the pool, you might have to invest in Adelaide retaining walls.

• What is the design of the pool? – The design of the pool is extremely important. The first point that many designers want customers to know is that a pool does not need to have access points from all four sides of the pool – a single access point or a double access point is enough. Make sure that this access point is located in the direction of your house, so that is provides a logical and seamless progression from the house to the pool. If you also wish to include spas, make sure that they are not disproportionate to the size of the pool.

• The colour scheme and additional touches – as for the aesthetic sense of the pool, it is best to stick to the design and theme of your home, so that your pool won’t look out of place in your garden. For example, this translates into using a modern and sleek look if your house follows the same. As for colours, the pool interior usually has light colours, whilst the deck or pavement has a dark colour scheme.