Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects For Kitchenettes

Your kitchenette being simply used to prepare food doesn’t mean that you need to make it look boring. A practical kitchenette does not need to be boring. While purchasing decorations yourself might be a tad too much to spend, there are many more ways to spruce up the look of your kitchenette and make it a livelier place.

Below are some easy do-it-yourself projects that practically everybody with some free time can try. They work great both in a small kitchenette and normal size kitchen:

• Repaint Your Mugs – Depending on your finances and whatever was available for sale back then, your mugs might not be the prettiest things available in the world. Well then, why not just repaint them? You will need some bake-on ceramic paint, which after being baked in the oven, will be completely safe to use and won’t cause any harm even in contact with food.

• Small Magnetic Storage Spaces – If you have a few magnets, glue and some small, empty tins, then you are good. What you can do is make some small storage spaces using these tins and then attach them to your fridge! Perfect for storing small objects like toothpicks or a few pens and pencils.

• Label The Jars – Labelling the jars is not only going to make them look neat and tidy, but it can also be useful when trying to find whatever spices without actually opening the jars. Well then, how to get started? You can opt to use paint (chalkboard paint is good for glass jars, but for more conservative an approach a few stickers will do the job – although they may not look that good).

• Maximize Wall Space – Your walls can be good storage space for your tools if you think cleverly. Remember to purchase a few wall pegs, hooks, pre-made shelves, racks and the like to be able to use all of this space. This is a great solution for cramped kitchenettes which need to maximize the use of their limited storage space.

• Paint the Cabinets – Yet another easy DIY kitchen project that does not take a lot of skills, but is nonetheless a great idea for a complete makeover. The only downside is that it tends to be quite time consuming, hence requiring you to do it during holidays or long weekends.

• Be Creative with Drawers – When it comes to drawers, you can actually re-purpose a lot of your old furniture to act as storage spaces. From old dressers and chairs to shelves that you don’t use any more, the opportunities are quite endless.