A Guide To Vintage Furnishing

Opting for vintage furniture is now a pretty common practice among people. Gone are the days when second-hand furniture had a bad reputation, being avoided by pretty much everyone accept those without enough money to purchase new furniture? In fact, the tables have finally turned around, with people finally realising that some types of vintage furniture are in fact better made than their modern counterparts, often using better materials with higher strength, coupled with a better finishing quality. Going for vintage furniture definitely has a lot of advantages, including the ability to save a lot of money if you purchase intelligently. Nevertheless, it may not be such a smooth sailing experience as purchasing brand-new furniture, which is why you want to be a little more prepared before finally committing yourself to a purchase.

Here are some factors to take into considerations before heading out:

Make a List of What You Want – It is easy to forget the type of furniture you actually needed after stepping inside an antique store. Before long, you will already have decided to purchase a new sofa, a table, a set of matching chairs, some decorations and a wall mirror to go with the antique theme. In the end, you will leave the shop spending much more than you likely wanted to, leaving you with less money for your other activities or to buy important appliances for your home. To avoid this, make a list of the items you want in advance, and try to stick to that without going overboard with your purchases.

Look Out for Furniture with Good Bones – Furniture with good bones literally means furniture having a good structure. The main problem with many vintage pieces is that their basic structure may not be strong enough to withstand the test of time, thus slowly getting weakened as the years pass by. While it may be possible to repair minor issues, it is not worth to do so once the structure reaches a point of no return. In that case, look for other furniture pieces or visit a few more unique furniture shops in Fyshwick.

Watch Out for Fakes – Many people manage to score fantastic looking designer furniture pieces at vintage shops, but there are also many who are less lucky and fall for replicas and fakes. While some of them are quite easy to spot, the better replicas will often imitate the original models almost to the letter. The only way you can possibly distinguish a fake model from an original one is by looking for a stamp made by the original maker. Its presence should be enough to prove that the piece is genuine.

Don’t be Afraid to Bargain – It is quite likely that you will be able to bring down the price of most vintage furniture if you are persistent enough with your bargaining. This is especially true if your chosen furniture has any marks and visible damages. As long as they can be repaired and fixed without a lot of effort or money, they can be used as a good leverage for bargaining purposes.