How To Pick The Style Of House That Suits You Best

If you succeeded in purchasing the picture-perfect piece of real estate on which you would like to build your house, you next need to think of what style it will embody. The architecture that you pick will decide this to a great extent as well. Because this your very own home, you can really get creative and play around. In any case being knowledgeable about the history of where you are building the house, the locality, climate and other factors can help you make the right choice.

Log Cabin style house

Dating back as far as 3500 BC, these are one of the most time tested and still popular styles for homes in existence. In the beginning, these were seen very commonly in countries such as Russia, Germany, Scandinavia and Ukraine. In the past, building this type of home was relatively effortless. There was little to no need of bricklaying and there was enough and more wood around. If you have bought the real estate in an area which has a sort of rural setting to it and you know that there are some bitter winters coming your way this style will give you and your family a cozy and warm home that you will always cherish. It is also rather rustic and simple making it pretty and easy to maintain.

The Victorian style house

These type of houses came into existence as the name suggest between the eras of 1830 and 1910. Even after all these decades have gone by, the style is still one that is really popular among home owners. There are many variants of this style such as Gothic, Queen Anne, Italian, Romanesque and Second Empire. The fact that these houses have some very singular architecture that gives them a lot if character is one thing that has made them so popular. If you come across a house that looks poignant and seems like its talking to you, chances are that it is a home under this style. You will. However need some very talented bricklayers to achieve this level of architecture so make sure you hire the correct people. Check this site offer a great service of an bricklayers that can suit your needs.

The Cape Cod style house

This is one more style of house that is popular because it has the ability to withstand really harsh winters; the kind where even the snowmen shiver. They all come with steep roof structures and braid style chimneys that work really well. Dating back to the 1600s, these were initially simple thatched cottages. You will also notice that these type of homes have a white picket fence around it that designates the boundaries of the backyard and the garden.